The Summer Struggle to Balance Family & Working From Home

Family Slurpee Time

Remember how excited I was last week because the kids had returned from Camp Grandparents? By Thursday I was going crazy. So were the kids.

It’s been hot so the kids have spent most of the week indoors. By Wednesday, the bickering had begun. Sophia hasn’t adjusted to the time zone change. She was tired and easily lost patience with Jaxson. Our jaunts to the mall for Apple Camp half of the week didn’t change the scenery enough for them.

As for me, my productivity was shot. I’m still adjusting to working from having uninterrupted work days to having the kids at home. I tried to do some of my work in the evenings, the way I used to when Jaxson was a toddler. I realized that I’m so tired in the evenings that it takes me more time to get what I need done. Working in the evenings took away the time I had to spend with my husband.

Yep, I was stressed.

My husband told me to sign the kids up for camp. I felt guilty for sending them to camp when they’ve been away all summer. Luckily my friends on Facebook rallied for me. They voted for camp too. It would be good for both me and the kids.

So this week, the kids are in camp.

I love the flexibility that comes from working from home. This fall, I plan on volunteering at the kids’ school. I can take them to doctor and dentist without need to ask for time off. However, summer is a different beast. I felt guilty not only for sending them away, but for spending money to send them to camp (basically, childcare) when I was already home. Once frugal, always frugal.

My friends reminded me that it’s important that I get my work done. My work pays the bills. At camp, the kids won’t be glued to a screen all day, like they do at home.

The struggle to balance family and work will always be there. I realize that I have reassess what is working for our family periodically. Our family life and my work responsibilities change with the seasons. One solution to balance the two might not work a few months later.

I dropped Sophia and Jaxson off at camp today, complete with new lunch boxes. They were very excited and I can’t wait to hear how their day went.

After I cross off all the things on my to-do list.

How does you balance family and work during the summer?

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