Video: Watch Me Cook An Omelet Using Only Chopsticks!

Making Omelet with Chopsticks Video (via I'm Not the Nanny)

Chopsticks are my favorite tools in the kitchen. I use it to beat eggs, stir boiling pasta, plating dishes for food photography, and, of course, eat my dinner with them.

I also make omelets using just a pair of chopsticks. Why dirty more utensils? Jaxson wanted to help make his cheesy spinach omelet so my husband took a video of us cooking together.

Tip: Make sure you oil the pan so the omelet doesn’t stick. Even if you’re using a non-stick skillet.

My favorite type of chopsticks are the inexpensive, plain wooden chopsticks (not the chinese takeout versions). I get the Chinese-style where the tips aren’t as narrow as the Japanese style. While the lacquered or painted ones are pretty, I find they are too slippery for noodles.

The kids use these super cute training chopsticks.

Do you use chopsticks when you cook?

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