Piper nv: Automate & Monitor Your Home in Less than 10 Minutes! (& giveaway)

This is part one of a sponsored post series with Piper. I received a Piper nv unit to review. All opinions are my own. #MyPiper #PiperSecurity

Piper nv Home Security & Automation system with giveaway via I'm Not the Nanny

As someone who never felt like I needed a home security system, I can’t believe how much I rely on my Piper nv now. With our family’s flurry of end-of-school activities, celebrating Father’s Day early, and traveling to Louisiana and back, Piper nv has given me peace of mind. Make sure you enter the giveaway after you read my review!

It’s been about two weeks since I installed Piper nv in my apartment. Installed might be too strong a word because it took me less than 10 minutes to set up Piper nv and the Piper Smart Switch. That’s 10 minutes from taking Piper nv out of the box, plugging it in, downloading the app to my smartphone, and setting up my Smart Switch with our lamp. It only took that long because I had to get behind our bookcase to plug in Piper nv.

Setting up Piper nv home security via I'm Not the Nanny

For those who don’t think they need a home security camera, Piper nv is more than that. Look at its features:

  • Camera with night vision, 180 degree view with pan, tilt & zoom
  • Motion sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Humidity sensor
  • Sound sensor
  • Light sensor
  • Microphone and speaker
  • Battery Backup

That small unit is jammed packed with features–all of which you can access via the Piper app on your mobile device.  The app guided me through the setup process, which was so easy that I saying, “Is that it?” Yep, that’s it.

Once set up, I could customize my settings. Did I want a push notification if there was movement in the room? It even adjusted the sensor sensitivity when I said I had a pet. What about loud sounds? I created a profile for when I was home at night, away at work, and on vacation.

Piper nv Daytime Screenshot via I'm Not the Nanny

I could just peek into my living room by tapping the video function. The screenshot above is me being totally lazy on a Saturday morning. I didn’t want to get out of bed, but I wanted to see what the kids were up to. They were watching tv in our messy living room.

Cleaner living room from Piper nv camera via I'm Not the Nanny

While I was visiting family in Louisiana, I peek in on our apartment during the day via my smartphone. The kids and I were looking for Pixie because sometimes she sleeps on the couch–but apparently not when we’re on vacation. When I got stuck at the airport during delays, I peeked in and discovered that my husband had cleaned the living room! (No, I didn’t ruin the surprise.) It was easy to see, even though it was dark due to the storm (and Piper turned on our lamp).

Automation Settings Screenshot via I'm Not the Nanny

Let’s get back to that Smart Switch. I just plugged my lamp into the switch and the plugged the Smart Switch into the wall. After quickly setting it up on the app, I’m able to turn it on and off from my phone. Isn’t technology amazing?

Piper also lets me automate when I want the light to turn on and off.  There’s also an option to automatically turn on the lamp when Piper nv senses that the room is too dark. I love that it’s automated AND I can switch it off from my phone. I can’t tell you how many times my husband and I have played “rock, paper, scissors” to see who will turn off the living room lamp because both of us are already in bed!

Summary: Piper nv fits our family’s needs. It’s easy to set up and doesn’t require any wall mounting (but you can definitely mount it). The small footprint means I can find room for it anywhere in our home. I absolutely LOVE the smart switch and automation features. Best of all there is no monthly fee to use Piper nv. You just pay the cost of the device ($279 for Piper nv).

Piper nv Home Security System giveaway via I'm Not the Nanny

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