My Six Word Memoir

My six word memoir via I'm Not the Nanny

Not a revolutionary. Just my life.

I am a revolutionary. A game changer. The ideas I share on my blog seem far-out to many, but they are not radical to me.  They are my life, my family, my world. They happened to me.

I didn’t choose to be a rebel or a game changer or an activist. I chose to be true to me, to my husband, to my children.

By speaking my truth, I aim to educate the world.

By writing my truth, I wish to change the world.

By living my truth, I am part of this world.

By existing and by loving my family, I am a radical.

I am different, but I am not alone. There are others like me. Others who live nonconformist, revolutionary lives not because they want to or choose to, but by simply being alive. By simply living. By being true to themselves, true to their family, true to their hearts.

We love people based not on the color of their skin but by the goodness in their hearts.

This goodness judges not the color of our skin, but the depth of our kindness and the generosity that we call love.

I live my truth each time I intertwine my light brown fingers through my husband’s dark brown ones.

I breath my truth with every kiss and every hug I give my children.

We live ordinary lives deemed rebellious merely by the fact that our skin are many shades apart. But with our eyes closed, each of our skin feels the same: smooth, warm, and inviting. Yet we are rebels to those who cannot see past our tanned surfaces.

Now I proudly wear my revolutionary badge because I cannot change whom I love. I refuse to disown the beautiful beings we have created because of our love.

Until others can accept us and others like us, then I will speak out. I will use my voice to share my story.

I am a revolutionary. Because it’s my life.