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Free Foreign Language Printables For Kids in over 15 languages via I'm Not the Nanny

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I haven’t given up on hope on teaching my kids how to speak Vietnamese yet. We send them to stay at my parents every summer, where they can hear the language consistently.  During the rest of the year, I speak a little bit of Vietnamese at home, but that’s all. However, I’m excited because Gus on the Go, a language learning app for kids, has free foreign language printables in over 15 languages. Yes, that includes Vietnamese!

The printables are bright and cheerful, just like the app. Did I mention they were free?

Gus on the Go has a few foreign language printables you can choose from:

Gus on the Go Free Foreign Language Printables Vietnamese

Fortune tellers. We called them cootie catchers when I was a kid. Do kids still call them that?

Gus on the Go Free Foreign Language Printables French

Numbers flashcard set. Just print these on cardstock so they last longer.

Gus on the Go Transportation Wheel Free Foreign Language Printable

How about this cute wheel to learn about different modes of transportation? Look for those paper fasteners in the office supply store or scrapbook section. Amazon sells some too.

Head to Gus on the Go to see all of their free foreign language printables.

If you haven’t tried out Gus on the Go  language learning app, you need to! The design is bright, fun, and intuitive. The best part is that Gus on the Go is available in over 30 languages, including Vietnamese!  There’s a different app for each language, but the concept for each is the same. Kids (or adults) learn basic words by touching the object. Once they’re ready, there’s games to test and reiterate what they have learned.

Gus on the Go Vietnamese

Jaxson absolutely loves this app. While he’s not comfortable enough to practice saying each word out loud, his Vietnamese comprehension has definitely improved.  We’ve had this app for almost a year now and he still goes back to it. Pair the app with the free printables to learn the fundamentals of your chosen foreign language. At $2.99-3.99 per app, it’s a steal. Gus on the Go is available on iPhone or iPad, Google Play, and Amazon Apps.

Giveaway: Gus on the Go has offered 5 iTunes codes for the Gus on the Go in the language of your choice! To enter, use the Rafflecopter widget below. We’ll have 5 winners!

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