Upcycled Water Fairy Costume

Upcycled Water Fairy Costume-I'm Not the Nanny

For the past week our family has discussed Halloween costumes. I’ve sewn at least one of the kids’ costumes for the past 8 years. The rule is that they must tell me by October 1 what they want to be so I can gather the materials to either sew or upcycle their Halloween costume. Once I purchase the materials they aren’t allowed to change their mind. That gives me an entire month to complete it.

So far Sophia and Jaxson haven’t quite decided on their costumes. This year we’re even considering buying their costumes or just assembling it as opposed to sewing. All this Halloween talk reminds me of when I cut an ugly dress and body suit to make Sophia an upcycled water fairy princess costume. Let’s take a walk down memory lane, shall we?

Upcycled Water Fairy Costume DIY-I'm Not the Nanny

Sophia was really into Disney Fairies in 2011 and created her own version of water fairy.  After asking her to draw the costume, I thrifted an adult sized blue dress and sparkly body suit for under $10 total. I cut off the bodice and used it sew a much more age appropriate top. Then I sewed the new bodice back on the original skirt.

Sophia Water Fairy-I'm Not the Nanny

I cut up the sparkly part of the hideous body suit to create flutter sleeves (translation: diamond shaped fabric pieces) and a decorative belt. We added some store bought fairy wings and blue tights (not pictured). Voila, water fairy costume with less than 2 hours of work. I think she was pretty pleased with it, don’t you think?

Flying Water Fairy Costume-I'm Not the Nanny

This year I’m a bit busier, so I doubt I’ll make a costume from scratch. Upcycling old clothes or thrift store clothes is not only environmentally friendly, but inexpensive. Then you can compliment it with bought pieces. We’ve been browsing the princess costumes and Star Wars costumes at BuyCostumes to get ideas.


Sophia mentioned how fun it’d be to dress up as Queen Elsa, which is probably the most coveted Halloween costume for girls this year. If she still fits into this dress, I could add a cap and some sheer sleeves to turn it into a snow queen costume. She hasn’t made up her mind yet, but I’ll keep you updated!

Have you started thinking about Halloween costumes yet?

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