7 Fun Bento Lunch Box Supplies Under $10

Bento Lunch Box Supplies Under $10-I'm Not the Nanny

While I’m not big on packing cutesy bento boxes, using bento lunch box supplies adds fun back into packing lunches. Don’t worry, the tools on my list are super easy to use and doesn’t require a lot of prep work. Jaxson starts preschool in a few weeks and I plan on adding a few more supplies to my bento lunch packing arsenal. At less than $10 per item or set, you won’t have to break the bank!

Silicone baking cups are a staple in our bento lunch box supplies. For those whose kids don’t like their different foods to touch, these cups are a lifesaver. The trick is to find one that’s the right height for your lunch container so you can close it. Opt for fun colors because a colorful lunch always tastes better.

My sister gifted us with these cute hard boiled egg molds after her trip from Japan. They’re really easy to use. Just boil your eggs like normal, peel them while they’re still warm, and insert into the mold. I was amazed how pliable warm hard boiled eggs are! Once they’re cool, remove from the mold. Voila, a cute and healthy lunch box addition! Bonus: These also do double duty as rice molds (just pack in the cooked rice tightly so it doesn’t fall apart).

Why pack a boring fork when your kids can use these cute picks and miniature forks to spear their food? Confession, we use these at dinner sometimes.

If your kids don’t like the crusts on their sandwiches, you’ll love how easy these sandwich cutters are to use. With just one press on your PB&J and you’ll have a cute penguin or elephant and the crusts are magically cut off! I prefer these to those tiny vegetable or cookie cutters because you’re not wasting any of the sandwich (except for the crusts). If your kids prefer dinosaurs, try this set of sandwich cutters.

I picked up this unassuming sushi rice press/mold at our local Asian grocery store. Fill one side with rice and use the other half to press/pack the rice together. The mold keeps your hands from getting sticky and makes it easy to remove the rice rectangle.

Tip: Mix cooked carrots, peas or cut corn into the rice before molding to add color (and nutrients).

If my kids liked Hello Kitty (who is still a cat, whew!), I’d be all over this multitasking Hello Kitty Rice Mold & Cookie Cutter set. It’s perfect for those who don’t have a lot storage space in their kitchen. Plus, it’s Hello Kitty!

Bento Wiener Cutters

I used to cut hot dogs into octopus shapes for the Sophia’s preschool lunch but it took way too much time! These mini rabbit and turtle cutters for sausages or cocktail wieners make me smile. They are definitely cute. I’m curious if they could cut patterns into other foods like carrots or pieces of a cheese stick/string cheese.

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