Balancing at the Park


Balancing at the Park-I'm Not the Nanny

We’ve added another family member to our early morning walks: my husband. He usually has Fridays off, so after Sophia’s bus picks her up, the three of us head over to our local park. The park has a path/trail for walkers and runners. Along the way, they have stops so people can stretch, do chin ups, lunges, and other exercise-y things. Jaxson loves these stops along the way.

When my husband is with us, we get a little silly. This section with poles of different heights is by far our favorite. And you can see why.

Keeping Balance-I'm Not the Nanny

Why just stand on the pole when you can have a contest on who can stay up longer?  I even made a GIF of my two goofballs.Playing at the Park-I'm Not the Nanny

It’s safe to say that Jaxson won this time.  I call for a rematch during our next walk!

Happy Friday!


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