Owning a Different Kind of Creativity

Veggie Burger salad-I'm Not the Nanny

With the kids in Louisiana for another week, I’ve had more time to myself than I’m used to. Most of July was spent traveling. Now that I’m home for a while, the weight of this “me time” just hit me. I can’t work all day, even if I wanted to. My brain and my butt just can’t sit in the chair typing away for hours at a time. I went out to dinner with some friends this weekend and the topic of crafting came up.

I really don’t craft as much as I used to. I kinda miss it.

I miss the creative outlet that lets gives me a concrete finished product that I can hold in my hands. Sure, I create by writing on this blog, my book site, and on Momtastic. Unless I’m writing a book that will be published on paper, those writings aren’t tangible. Clicking the digital “Publish” button is different than making a pair of earrings or a painting.

Flower Hair Clips-I'm Not the Nanny

The day before I left for BlogHer, I did manage to plug in my hot glue gun and make a few hairclips. The crafting time was minimal since I bought the flower components. I changed out a couple of buttons, added a leather backing, and hot glued them to clips. Total time, not counting glue gun heating up, was less than 10 minutes. I don’t remember what I crafted previous to those hairclips.

As much as I miss crafting and making things with my hands, my creative energy is drawn into a different direction these days. Instead of dusting off my sewing machine, my fingers tap on the keyboard to tell a story. Instead of pulling out my paints, I create new recipes in my head that make my hands excited to wield my chef’s knife or brandish a pair of chopsticks.

I’m still creative. I’m still making things. When I write a story or create a recipe, I’m sharing it with more than myself. Those hairclips were created just for my enjoyment. Wearing them makes me happy. They add a pop a color to my everyday life. When I write my story, you all read it, and, if it touches you, you share it with your friends. When I create a new dish, I feed my family. When I publish the recipe here, I’m inspiring you to create something new for your friends and family. (Follow me on Instagram for sneak peeks of recipes I’m working on.)

I’m still amazed that I can reach so many people through this blog and social media. I feel like I’m not just creating things for myself anymore. The act of writing or developing a new recipe soothes my soul and gives me purpose.

Sharing it with you all is all bonus.

How do you create?


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