A Friendly Husband Wife FitBit Flex Challenge (Review)

Husband Wife FitBit Flex Challenge-I'm Not the Nanny

I’m competitive. I can’t help it–I’m the firstborn in my family. I think I’m hardwired that way. A couple of weeks ago, AT&T sent my husband a FitBit Flex so we could have a competition on who could get the most steps. Hubby has been jealous ever since I got my FitBit Flex last year (which I personally purchased). So I proposed a friendly husband wife FitBit Flex Challenge.

The challenge was pretty simple: The person who logged the most steps each week won.

The prize: Bragging rights.

I was allowed a handicap since I work from home at my desk and my husband works in a big office building that has lots of stairs. We’d start the challenge while I was at BlogHer. I log in a  ton of steps at conferences!

Thien-Kim FitBit Flex Challenge Gameface-I'm Not the Nanny

My game face! I’m ready to WIN!

The FitBit Flex ($99) is very easy to set up. Just download the iOS or Android app to your smartphone and follow the instructions on the screen to connect the Flex to your device via Bluetooth. If you don’t have a smartphone, you can plug it in to your USB port (or connect via Bluetooth) to your computer (software download required). The Flex will walk you through all the steps. Note: you’ll need to set up an account with FitBit.

Once the Flex is set up, insert it into the wristband. The wristband is worn like a watch and is available in different colors. I just switched mine from red to black. You can even purchase a stylish Tory Burch band for your Flex! Daily goals are set at 10,000 steps, but you can adjust that if necessary. I adjusted mine to 9,000 so I don’t feel like so much of a couch potato. I mean, a gal can only walk from her desk to the bathroom so many times during the day and stay productive, right?

Hubby with FitBit Flex-I'm Not the Nanny

Hubby’s nice game face.

The first time putting on the band was challenging, because the band needed to stretch a little bit for the clasp. Luckily, the FitBit Flex is waterproof so you only have to take it off to charge. My Flex lasts about a week and is recharged via the a special USB cord that’s included in the box. Make sure you don’t lose it because there’s no other way to charge the Flex.

FitBit App Trash talk-I'm Not the Nanny

A little trash talk never hurt anyone

Once my husband had his account set up, he friended me via the FitBit app. Now I could see his progress throughout the day and week. We even “taunted” and “cheered” each other throughout the week via the app. As usually, he kicked my butt, but I did manage to get ahead while I was in San Jose for BlogHer. On Saturday, thanks to all the dancing I did at  McDonald’s Rev Run closing party, I logged over 16,000 steps! I think that was the only day I won during our challenge.

I didn’t win bragging rights, but competing against my husband motivated me to step away from my desk and move more.  To be honest, if I didn’t have a goal (like kicking his butt), I’m less likely to exercise. Last fall, I went for a mile walk every morning after I dropped Jaxson off at preschool. Once the polar vortex hit, I got lazy.

BlogHer FitBit Log-I'm Not the Nanny

Wearable devices like the FitBit Flex won’t make me healthier or more active, but seeing my stats everyday keeps me motivated. It’s exciting when the app tells me I’m only 1,500 steps away from hitting goal. Even more thrilling is when the band vibrates and lights up to tell me I’ve hit my goal for the day. Especially if I’m only two-thirds through my day.

What I loved about FitBit Flex & App: The band is very comfortable, though I take it off when I shower, just to give my wrist a break.  It is waterproof so you don’t need to remove it when swimming or bathing. The Flex can also track how well you sleep and can be used as an alarm (it vibrates at the time you set). The FitBit app and dashboard (view-able on a desktop) will log all the stats I tell it: calorie counting, how many very active minutes I log each day, weight tracking, etc. It syncs with my FitBit Aria scale by logging my weight and BMI every time I step on it. You can earn badges for hitting different milestones. You can friend as many people as you want and challenge each other via the app.


What I didn’t love: While I love the FitBit Flex, I wish the device had a clock. I stopped wearing my watch when I got the Flex because it was too many things on my wrist. My FitBit One (before I lost it) could log how many stairs I took, which encouraged me to take the stairs more often. However the Flex doesn’t log stairs, which probably attributes to its smaller size than the FitBit Force. The Force also recorded stairs and displayed your step count, a clock, and more. However, it is bigger than the Flex. It was taken off the market due to allergy issues. I’d like more wristband options. While the plain black one might be fine for most occasions, it doesn’t look good with a nice cocktail dress. Yes, the Tory Burch one is nice, but totally out of my budget.

I think it’s time for another husband wife FitBit Flex challenge! The kids return from Camp Grandparents this weekend so I’ll be making more appearances at the park. Which means more steps!

Make sure to visit AT&T online or in-store to see the entire FitBit line, including the Aria scale.

Do you use a wearable fitness tracker? Does it motivate you to move more?



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