My 6 Favorite Louisiana Foods

Favorite Louisiana Foods: Community Coffee-I'm Not the Nanny

Two days in and I’m dreaming about all the good food that I plan on eating while I’m visiting family in Louisiana. My mom is happily cooking Vietnamese food for me and the kids, but there’s some local foods that is on my must list. Here’s my list of favorite Louisiana foods (product links are affiliate links):

Community Coffee. Their New Orleans Blend is my favorite, but I also love the hazelnut coffee too. The Carnival Blend is pretty good too, but that’s only available during the Mardi Gras season. Community Coffee is roasted right near my hometown and I frequently sniffed aroma of them roasting as I crossed the Mississippi Bridge. There are more CC’s Coffeehouses here in Louisiana than there are Starbucks. I really should make a effort to grab some fresh coffee from them before I head back to DC. I know I can have the classic red bags of Community Coffee shipped to me, but my mother loves sending me care packages of them. She’s already loaded me up with some take home.

Beignet Fingers at Coffee Call

Beignets. Fans of funnel cakes and fried elephant ears, once you taste the pillows of fried dough dusted with a hurricane of powdered sugar, your fair foods will never taste the same. Grabbing cafe au laits and a plate of beignets was our family’s Sunday after church brunch tradition for many years. Heck, even the kids love it. Our first day back in town, Jaxson wanted to make sure a visit to Coffee Call was on our agenda. Don’t worry, little guy, it sure is.

Louisiana Hot Sauce. You’ll think I’m weird for listing this here, but I just love this Louisiana brand Hot Sauce. It’s inexpensive, but for my taste buds, it’s the perfect amount of spicy and tangy. Yeah, I know that Tabasco is the local hot stuff, but I truly declare my love for Louisiana brand hot sauce. Sometimes I spy a bottle at DC area stores and I always stock up! I’m add this to my suitcase before I head back.

Abita Beer at DC Alumni Crawfish Boil 2014-I'm Not the Nanny

Abita beer. Yes, I know I just drank more than my share of Abita beer a few weekends ago at our DC Crawfish Boil, but just one more, please? Abita beer is a staple at grocery stores (yes, we can buy beer at grocery stores here). Even the local Whole Foods sells it. There’s much more variety here than what I can get in DC. Maybe my sister will split a six-pack with me.

Louisiana seafood. Growing up here I was spoiled by the amount of seafood that we ate. Not to mention our close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico made seafood easy on the budget. I think crawfish season has peaked but I love shrimp or crabs boiled in that spicy seasoning!

Hush puppies. These fried balls of cornmeal dough season with onions are best slather with some butter. Hush puppies are not kind to your arteries, but it’s been a long time since I’ve eaten some. I think it’s time to introduce my kids to crispy balls of deliciousness. I wonder if I could make a healthier version using those cake pop machines.  That would mean I need to actually own said device. Hmmm.  (Technically this is not a Louisiana food as most southerners consume them. However, the best ones I’ve eaten were in Louisiana. So there.)

That’s my short list of favorite Louisiana foods. Even if I don’t get to eat any hush puppies, I’m feeling inspired to make some when I get back. Along with my Cafe du Monde Beignet mix, they’ll make our stomachs happy when we miss the Louisiana food.


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