First Visit From the Tooth Fairy

Jaxson Losing First Baby Tooth-I'm Not the Nanny

It’s hard to believe, but Jaxson has lost his first baby tooth! At 4-and-a-half years, I think he lost his first tooth sooner than his sister. I better write down this milestone in his baby book. Or else I’ll get in trouble when he’s old enough to realize that I totally slacked on the second child.

His tooth has been loose for a couple of weeks now, but by Monday afternoon, it was barely hanging on. I bribed him to wiggle it a lot. When it wouldn’t come out before bedtime, I yanked it out. That sounds crazy and traumatizing but it just popped right now. That itty bitty baby tooth was so loose that I was afraid it’d fall out while he slept.

Letter to the Tooth Fairy-I'm Not the Nanny

Of course, his sister wrote a note to Jaxson’s tooth fairy. Jaxson didn’t really care what the Tooth Fairy does on her time off, but Sophia has her own agenda. Thankfully, both of them didn’t recognize my sad attempted at grade school cursive. Whew!

So that was Jaxson’s first visit from the Tooth Fairy. He/She left Jaxson a shiny, gold colored $1 coin. A fortune for a 4-year-old!

How much does the Tooth Fairy leave for your kids?

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