18 Diverse Children’s Chapter Book Series for Summer Reading

18 Diverse Children's Chapter Books Series for Summer Reading-I'm Not the Nanny

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As parents we all know how important summer reading is for our kids. The challenge is finding books that our kids will read. My personal challenge is making sure there enough interesting books for Sophia to read. She flies through books during the summer. I’m always looking for chapter book series for Sophia to read because if she likes the first one, there’s more of the series! I’ve mentioned before the importance of exposing our children to books that show diverse characters (without being stereotypical). Finding diverse chapter book series for elementary students can be difficult.

I searched Book Expo America and my local library’s stacks to find these diverse chapter book series. We haven’t read them all, but hopefully they give you and your children a starting point. Age recommendations are from the publishers, but if you’re unsure that your child is ready for the subject matter, ask your local librarian.

In no particular order (book titles are affiliate links):

EllRay Jakes series by Sally Warner (recommended for ages 6-8)

Katie Woo series by Fran Manushkin (recommended for ages 5-7)

Zapato Power series (featuring Freddie Ramos) by Jacqueline Jules (recommended for ages 6-8)

Keena Ford series by Melissa Thompson (recommended for ages 6-8)

Spirit Animal series by various authors (recommended for ages 8-12)

Girls of Many Lands series (recommended for ages 10 and up) Many of these are out of print but used copies are very inexpensive.

The Ever Afters series by Shelby Bach (recommended for ages 8-12). Not to be confused with the Ever After High series.

Technically not a series but Lisa Yee has 3 companions books: Stanford Wong Flunks Big-timeMillicent Min, Girl Genius and So Totally Emily Ebers with diverse characters (recommended for ages 8-12).

Willimena Rules! series by Valerie Wilson Wesley (recommended for ages 7-10). Also out of print but my library had it and plenty of used copies on Amazon.

Better Nate than Ever and Five, Six, Seven, Nate! by Tim Federle (recommended for ages 10-14)

Ruby Lu series by Lenore Look (recommended for ages 6-10)

Ruby and the Booker Boys series by Derrick Barnes (recommended for ages 7-10)

Calvin Coconut series by Graham Salisbury (recommended for ages 8-12)

The Royal Diary series (recommended for ages 9-12)

Dear America series about boys (recommended for ages 7-10)

Dear America series about girls (recommended for ages 7-10)

Lulu series by Hilary McKay and Priscilla Lamont (recommended for ages 7-10)

Pacy Lin series by Grace Lin (recommended for ages 8-12)

Know of other diverse children’s chapter book series? Leave them in the comments!


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