Cookie Monster and PBS Kids News

Thien-Kim and Cookie Monster-I'm Not the Nanny

Last week, as a PBS Kids Very Important Person, I got a behind the scenes look into PBS and PBS Kids at their annual meeting. One of the highlights of my trip was meeting Cookie Monster and his puppeteer David Rudman. David is so amazingly talented!

Cookie Monster is Sophia’s favorite Sesame Street character. We had a traumatic experience when she was 1 1/2 years old because we lost her Cookie Monster lovey. She’s never forgiven me for it, even though we found her a replacement. Thankfully, we still have Cookie Monster Lovey #2, even with a few close calls. The kids were so excited that I was meeting Cookie that they filmed a video for him. Cookie Monster was nice enough to respond:

Sesame Street starts its 45th season this fall. Forty-five! Isn’t that amazing? I grew up watching Sesame Street (learned a lot of English that way) and now my kids are growing up with it. I hope their kids will grow up watching Sesame Street too.

Cookie Monster at PBS Annual Meeting-I'm Not the  Nanny

Cookie Monster also made an appearance with Lesli Rotenberg, head of children’s programing at PBS. I got a lot great sneak peeks at the meeting, including a new live action show about a secret government kid agency known as Odd Squad, where kids investigate odd happenings and solve them using math skills. The show is geared for early elementary age kids. It’s going to a funny show!

PBS Kids Odd Squad Creators Tim McKeon & Adam Peltzman-I'm Not the  Nanny

We met Odd Squad creators Tim McKeon and Adam Peltzman. I love their sense of humor! They two must share a brain because they kept finishing each other’s sentences. It will be a long wait for the show to premiere in November 2014. Definitely keep an eye out for it!

Daniel Tiger PBS Kids Annual Meeting-I'm Not the Nanny

Other great news is that PBS has ordered a second season of Daniel Tiger! It’s a terrific show and Jaxson loves it. The show has given us a great starting point to discuss starting preschool and visiting the doctor.

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