8 Ways WAHMs Can Power Their Daily Marathon

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Work at home mom tips-I'm Not the Nanny

Work at home moms juggle many balls in the air, especially if you have kids who are not in school full-time, like I do. It’s mid-April, and I finally have a semblance of a routine (thanks 11 snow days). At least I will until school ends in June.  I’ve managed to put together a work from home schedule for me that doesn’t require staying up until 1 or 2AM.

Most weekdays feel like a marathon. I race to get the kids ready for school. I race back home (with a pit stop at the coffee shop) to get cracking on my work to-do list. Two and a half hours later I pick up Jaxson from preschool. We hang out until nap time, when I squeeze in another hour of work. You get the idea. It feels like I’m going non-stop.

To keep moving without burning out, here are 8 ways work at home moms can power their daily marathon:

1. Make your to-do list before you go to bed. This might sound counter intuitive, but writing out your list the night before helps to empty your mind. It’s easier to fall asleep when you’re worried about forgetting to email so-and-so or the agenda for your conference call the next day. I write it down in my Erin Condren life planner which has plenty of space for my list.

2. Get more sleep. My husband laughs at me whenever I say I am going to bed before 1AM. He knows I’m a night owl. However, since I’ve taken over school drop-offs in the morning, I have to be up earlier. This week, I’ve managed to put myself to bed by midnight every night (except last night). I feel more alert and productive with more sleep. 

3. Eat a protein packed breakfast. This is easier said than done for me. I’m so busy feeding the kids breakfast, packing lunches, and making sure the kids are dressed that I usually end up skipping my own breakfast. I’ve stocked up on my favorite Stonyfield Greek Yogurt in chocolate (and cafe latte as soon as my Whole Foods stocks it). I also make breakfast sandwiches in bulk for grab and go.

Stonyfield for breakfast-I'm Not the Nanny

4. Drink more water. I love my coffee and hot tea, but I don’t drink enough water. After lunch, I replace my coffee mug with a reusable water bottle. I can easily reach over for it and my cat Pixie can’t drink out of it. (She sticks her head into any glass of water on my desk.)

5. Unplug while you eat lunch. Speaking of lunch, make sure you actually stop to eat lunch. That being said, change location when you eat. I’m definitely guilty of eating lunch at my desk. To be honest though, I don’t get that much work done while I’m trying to do both. Give your brain a break and read a book or magazine while you eat lunch. Or just enjoy your food.

6. Stash healthy snacks at your desk. It’s so tempting to grab some cookies or chips to snack on while I’m working, especially in the evening while the kids are in bed. I used to have a secret stash of chocolate at my desk. Now, I keep a bag of roasted almost at my desk and grab a handful when I need a snack. Much better for me!

7. Schedule power naps. I’m a terrible napper. Unless I take power naps.  Power naps last between 15-30 minutes and is just enough to help you rest without making you groggy. I take my power nap when I lay down with Jaxson for his nap. This gives me just enough energy to power through the afternoon.

8. Know when to quit. That’s right, I said it. Set office hours so you have time to spend with your family. My afternoon office hours (I work a couple of hours after the kids are in bed) is when it’s time to pick up Sophia from the bus stop. Then I’m in Mom mode until they’re in bed.

It takes time to build the above habits. Some, like going to bed early and eating breakfast, are still a struggle for me. But when they all align, I totally rock my work day. I’m energized and productive. I feel like I’m winning a marathon!

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