The Days Are Long #NakedMoms

Days are long-I'm Not the Nanny

Usually when I run into an acquaintance and one of the kids are with me, the reaction is usually, “Wow! She/He’s grown so much! Enjoy this time; it goes by fast.” That’s usually accompanied by a wise I’ve-been-there-so-trust-me look.

I know they mean well, but right now, everyday is a crazy struggle of wills, dinner planning, overflowing dirty (and clean) laundry baskets, breaking up sibling fights over which fork they want to eat with, and less than six hours of sleep a day. I smile and nod, but I just want to say, “I wish they’d grow just a little faster.”

The days are long, but the years are short.

I’m sure you’ve heard that before.

Sometimes I glance at Sophia and Jaxson and I’m shocked by how much they’ve grown. No longer little toddlers, trying figure their way around without stumbling. I can never predict when it will happen, but my heart always goes all warm and gooey when it does.  Pretty soon Sophia will be a bonafide tween and Jaxson will be in kindergarten. Having both kids in school all day can’t come soon enough for this work at home mom.

Those well meaning people are right. My kids will sprout before my very eyes and I’m sure I’ll wish they were still little kids who love to snuggle so much they won’t let me go. Except to go pee.

While I’m wishing to reclaim my personal space, my kids are growing into independent thinkers and dreamers.  I want to grow with them too. I don’t want to be left behind. I want us to think and dream together as a family.

Before becoming a mother, parenting seem so easy. In theory at least. Right now I’m in the trenches of parenting. Honestly, I thought I’d be out of the trenches now that Jaxson is four-years-old but each child grows at his own pace.

Right now it feels like a huge accomplishment to make it through the day and still find fifteen or twenty minutes just for me.

Long days. Short years. No matter how I break it down, those long days and short years will be filled with love.

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