October Multicultural Book Round Up: Biography Edition

Gertrude is Gertrude is Gertrude

For October’s multicultural children’s book round up, I’m featuring biographies in picture book form. I realized that I don’t read enough non-fiction with the kids, especially biographies.

Here are some picture books that make reading biographies fun and accessible for kids:

Electrical Wizard: How Nikola Tesla Lit Up the World by Elizabeth Rusch, illustrated by Oliver Dominguez.  Serbian-American Telsa has a huge following in the science world. His ideas were considered ahead of his time; he changed the world of electrical engineering. Thomas Edison considered Tesla a rival.  The big lesson from this book is that Telsa worked hard and persevered for what he believed in. (Recommended for ages 7-10)

Gertrude is Gertrude is Gertrude is Gertrude by Jonah Winter, illustrated by Calef Brown. The word plays in this book make it so much fun to read out loud. It’s brightly colored introduction to writers Gertrude Stein and Alice  B. Toklas. The two Americans met in Paris and were well known for the salons they hosted that attracted many creative people such as Ernest Hemingway and Picasso. (Recommended for ages 4-7)

Pablo Neruda: Poet of the People by Monica Brown, illustrated by Julie Paschkis.  If you’ve ever read Neruda’s love poems, you’ll understand my love for him. Neruda not only wrote about love  but about the people of Chile and their stories of struggle. This book is beautifully illustrated and words are tucked into every single nook to remind us that words are an important part of our lives. (Recommended for ages 6-9)

Do you read biographies with your kids?


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