First Week of Preschool


Jaxson First Day Preschool

The milestones keep flying by in our home. Jaxson started preschool earlier this week. He’s been intrepid about starting preschool ever since we told him about it. Sophia, on the other hand, was upset she had to wait to start (after we learned she got in). He’s in the same program as his big sister so we know how everything works. It’s a teaching lab for high school kids. The preschool is an amazing experience  for everyone involved: preschoolers, high schoolers, and the adult teacher.

Sophia extolled the virtues of her preschool to Jaxson all summer. It’s obvious that her two years there left a mark on her. The more Jaxson heard, the more nervous he would get. Instead of telling him over and over how much he would enjoy preschool, I held back.  I knew as soon as he stepped foot into the classroom, he would love it.

So far, so good. If you ask him directly how he feels about preschool, he’ll say he’s not sure or “It’s a secret!” Yesterday he informed me, out of the blue, “I think I need one more week in preschool before I decide if I like it.”

Jaxson running to school

If I don’t talk about preschool, aside from “Did you have a good time?” and just wait, he opens up. He sings the songs he has learned to me. He tells me about the outdoor recess. He just beams with excitement. I sit there and just let his happiness fill my heart.

One of the hardest parts of parenting is standing back to let your child do things on their own terms and their own timing.  My parents pushed me to achieve and achieve. They couldn’t help it–it’s in their Asian genes. It’s a struggle not to push too hard, especially when I know it’s something my children will excel at or enjoy. I’m an overachiever (and I kinda like it).

So I guess he’ll give me his verdict next week?