Blogalicious 2013 Photo Recap

Blogalicious5 Friends

Look at all those laptops! Amy of TeachMama, Sandie of TeenLitRocks and Jessica of A Parent in America

Blogalicious‘ fifth anniversary this past weekend was definitely its best ever. As you know, I’ve attended every Blogalicious from the very beginning. The reason I return to this conference again and again is the community. Everyone I meet  wholeheartedly welcomes and embraces me–even before I was part of the team! It’s not just me either. We embrace everyone!

Blogalicious5 Collage

This year was my first year on the staff. As speaker coordinator, I enjoyed getting to know all of our speakers well before the conference.  I got a sneak peek at their sessions (on virtual paper) but it was even better to see them in action!

Blogalicious5 Community Jam panel

My roommate Leticia of Techsavvymama (far right) moderating the Community Jam session

I wish I could have attended every session but I stuck my head in most of them.  The 10 Steps to Success Intensives session was fast paced and chockful of information. I learned more about Pinterest, a platform that I want to use more of but am not. I met the PicMonkey folks and got all fan girl on them.  I did go to my session where Robin, Tracy, and I talked about publishing and marketing your book.

Blogalicious5 Book Smarts Session

I did go to my Book Smarts session where Robin, Tracy, and I talked about publishing and marketing your book.  If you missed our session, Robin has a FAQ page for writers on her blog.

We had sponsors who totally understood bloggers. I tweeted Boiron, maker of homeopathic medicines, to tell them my shoulder ached from carrying my bags around all day. They put my name on a tube of Arnicare, a cream that helps with muscle aches.

Blogalicious5 Sponsors

Kia Motors brought their cars and their hamsters to the conference. While I didn’t have a chance to take a test drive in one of their cars, Kia sponsored the closing party for the conference, southern style. We had hamsters and delicious food! I might have had more than one bowl of cheesy grits topped with andouille sausage or shrimp. I couldn’t decide so I had both.

Blogalicious5 Birthday Twins

I even got to hang out with my birthday twins! Can you believe that Erin of BagLadies RadioTrina of Baby Shopaholic, and I have the exact same birthday, down to the year?

Blogalicious is a small and intimate conference where I had a chance to sit down to chat with old friends yet am still able to run into others and make new friends. Talking to my colleagues, attending the sessions, and chatting with friends re-energized me and my business.

Have you ever attended a blog conference?


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