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Creating art and making crafts bring me to my happy place and I love encouraging kids to express their creativity in similar ways. Champion For Kids and Fiskars are working together to encourage you and your community to give kids the art tools they need to express their creative side with the Fiskars Shape Their Future project. It can seem daunting to find time to donate to your community, but Champion For Kids makes it easy.

I knew right away that I want to donate art supplies to our local parent resource center, a parent-child drop in play and educational center for children 5 and under.  I’ve been taking my kids to the PRC since Sophia was two and a half years old. Together we met other moms (thank goodness for me!) and she learned how to share and play with new friends. Now I take Jaxson to the PRC where he’s made new friends and learned social skills like sharing. The center serves a diverse group of families and offers a sliding scale fee so it’s accessible to everyone. Like many county programs, the center has had its share of budget cuts.

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I chatted with Lauren, our location’s educator, to find out what supplies she needed, especially for the arts and crafts table. Every week, she puts up a new art or craft project that uses creativity to teach kids about shape, color, seasons, etc. I was surprised (and not surprised) to hear what items she was short on: safety scissors, crayons for little hands, glue sticks, and markers for little hands.

Scissors and glue sticks seem like basic craft tools, yet many schools and community centers don’t have enough of them. I put a call out to some local friends to donate supplies and we gathered 20+ packs of glue sticks, Fiskars safety scissors, Crayola colored pencils, Crayola toddler crayons, and Crayola markers. Jaxson even requested that I buy a soft ball to replace the one that was lost at the center. The day Jaxson and I dropped out the box of donated products, Lauren ran out of glue sticks. Luckily we found Elmer glue sticks (the best brand in my opinion) in the back-to-school clearance section at Walmart so I picked up several packs.

Sometimes my kids and I craft together. Jaxson is happy with a glue stick, construction paper and some Fiskar safety scissors. He loves to cut paper! Other times, I like to craft by myself. Making crafts is my “me” time, even if I’m making something for the kids. On the Fiskars website, I found a tutorial for Organza Fabric Hair Clips. I love hair clips and fascinators. I’ve seen these at craft fairs before and wanted to make them.

Organza Flower Craft #Fiskars4Kids #shop

I do my best crafting late at night.

You don’t need a lot of expensive supplies for this project. I bought half a yard of polyester organza, sparkly buttons, metal hair clips, and the Fiskars sewing set of scissors from the fabric department at Walmart. It’s important to use sewing scissors only on fabric–not paper. Everyone in my family knows I mean business when I say my sewing scissors are off limits. In fact, I’ve had my Gingher sewing shears (a company owned by Fiskars) for 15 years now. They are still sharp!

The tutorial was easy to follow. I didn’t even use a circle template to make my flowers. I just winged it but you can use the lid of a jar or a yogurt cup to draw different sized circles. After melting the edges over a candle, I attached different sized circles together with a low temp glue gun. I wanted to jazz my red organza flower up a bit so I used a strip of black leather to look like leaves. My daughter had fun modeling it for me. I have a feeling that Sophia is not giving it back!

Organza Flower Clip in Hair #Fiskars4Kids #shop

The organza flower clip can be used for more than decoration for your hair. I even attached it to my new purse. It adds a little flash of color to my purse without going crazy. I have a tough time wearing neutral colors. I need a touch of red or purple-my favorite colors! You can make a pair of organza flowers and then clip to your shoes. They can be clipped to your shirt as a brooch or onto a headband. These are easy to make. You won’t be able to stop at just one. In fact, I still have about 7 flowers I need to attach to a clip or an elastic hair band.

Organza Flower Clip on Purse #Fiskars4Kids #shop

I hope you’ll join me, Champion For Kids and Fiskars to donate to your local school or an organization that serves children. Art is slowly being cut from our children’s education and we need to help however we can. You can mobilize your friends and family to donate like I did. Once you do, let Fiskars know how you helped by sharing your story!

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