How to Add Glam to Boring Shoes (Tutorial)

Are you taking advantage of the back to school sales? This is the perfect time of year to find great deals on shoes that you can easily paint and customize into a one of a kind creation that you’ll be proud to wear. Or you can paint some for your kids. It’s really easy, I promise!

I picked these shoes on clearance from Payless. They were $5 so I knew if I they didn’t come out the way I wanted, it wouldn’t be a big deal.They were comfy. They were flats. Perfect for chasing my kids around at the park. If I did that I mean.

Wouldn’t you want to paint them? Beige is a cry for color!

Late at night, I took over our dining table to begin my project.First things first. I mixed the perfect red paint for my shoes. I used Liquitex Basics acrylic paint, but I’ve used fabric paint for a previous shoe projects. Acrylic paint is usually permanent once dry, so I was comfortable using it. Just remember that holds true for the clothes you’re wearing. You might want to wear a smock. Or you can live dangerously like I do and end up with paint splattered yoga pants. Just a hazard of late night crafting.

I cut off the useless velcro strap and removed the velcro tab under it. It just looked so random. Before painting the shoes, I stuffed newspaper inside them to hold their shape and to keep paint out of the inside of the shoe. Using a stiff brush, I painted the shoe with the red acrylic paint. I let it dry and then added another coat until it was the color I wanted. Scarlet red.

Alisa Burke turned me onto these little bottles of squeeze paints. They are most famous for decorating t-shirts. I’ve experimented with them, but not as much as I would like. As I waited for the red paint to dry, I felt that the shoes needed something. Something exciting. So I grabbed my bottle of black squeeze paint.

After practicing on scrap paper, I doodled on the shoe. I had planned on doodling on the entire shoe. As I  stopped to let the front dry, I realized I liked just having the toes painted. I left it dry overnight, then used a finishing spray to set it. You can also use hairspray to set it.

It’s been fun wearing these shoes around town. I made painted these shoes over a year ago and they still look great!

Are you ready to paint some shoes now?