Professional Bra Fittings with Intimacy’s Bra Whisper

As a theatre costume professional, I quickly learned the importance of well fitted undergarments. A good bra makes a woman look slimmer, stand taller, and of course makes her assets look Va-va-voom. Also, a good bra would keep your boobs from knocking you in the face during crazy dance numbers during a musical. A couple of weeks ago, Intimacy {bra fit stylists} invited me to their Tysons, Virigina location for a professional bra fitting and gifted me with a new bra.

I thought I was wearing pretty close to the correct bra size, but was I ever so wrong! The manager Harriet is a bra whisperer! Fittings at Intimacy are different than the ones I’m used to, which involve a tape measure, some math and a size chart. Harriet whisked me away into a spacious, well-lit fitting room. Then she asked me to take my shirt off. Maybe that’s why they gave me champagne before my fitting. It’s nice to be wooed before someone asks you to take your shirt off! Harriet then looked how my rack looked in my bra and gently explained why it was a bad fit.
Love the pictures of old corsets on the fitting room doors

Harriet then excused herself and came back later with just one bra. It fit perfectly. Perfect.

Y’all, Harriet really is a bra whisperer. (Sorry, I’m visiting my folks in Louisiana right now so the y’alls are coming out fairly easily.)
I was super impressed. Not only was my current bra 2 band sizes too small, it was waaay to small in the cup size. The lacey black number she put on me felt comfortable and best of all my rack looked AH-mazing. The lacey bra made me feel feminine and sexy. Every bra should make a woman feel that way. After my initial shock wore off, Harriet ran out to grab several more styles and colors in my size. She even found a sports bra that kept me from bouncing around when I jogged in place. That’s how spacious the fitting room was.

Intimacy also offers bathing suits, sleepwear, and  sexy negligees
During my fitting, I felt very comfortable. It was if Harriet and I had been friends forever. After my fitting was over, I didn’t even want to put back on my old bra. In addition to the bra that Intimacy gifted me, I purchased a red plunge bra. As Harriet said, every woman needs a red bra. You don’t have to tell me twice!
Even if you think you know your bra size, it’s important to get fitted every 6 months or so because your breasts can change dramatically even if the number on the bathroom scale has only moved a little. I’ve been wearing my bras from Intimacy on and off for about 2 weeks now. They are much more comfortable and I’m not constantly readjusting like I did with my old bras. I’m slowly adding bras in my correct size to my collection so I can get rid of those old ones all together.
There are Intimacy stores all over the United States. You can easily make an appointment for a fitting or you can just walk in. The fittings are complimentary. You can even schedule time for a girls day and all get fittings. If you’re go to the Tysons Corner location in the DC Metro, ask for Harriet, the bra whisperer!

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