I Hit the Asian American Literature Jackpot!

Over the weekend, I went to my local Friends of the Library bookstore to find Vietnamese language books for my mom. Every now and again, the library culls from its collections and sells them in the FOL store. Usually I don’t let myself buy a lot of books because I’m already surrounded by stacks of books after Book Expo America.  My big mistake was finding the “Asian American Literature” section.

Apparently some college kid dumped his entire Asian American Studies syllabus. There was an entire shelf of Asian American lit books. First of all, this store didn’t even have an Asian American lit section the last time I was there. Granted that was probably 6-8 months ago. Also, I might have bought half the books on that shelf.

They even had an out-of-print copy of F.O.B. and Other Plays (all book links are affiliate links) by David Henry Hwang. I didn’t buy that one because I have an autographed hardcover of that book.

One of my goals for 2013 is read more books/stories by Asian Americans. They don’t have to be about the Asian-American experience, but I think growing up Asian in the United States gives them a different way of viewing life here. Our lives are colored by our culture and upbringing, no mater how we try to avoid it.

These are all new to me books with exception of Charlie Chan is Dead. Here are the books I bought, from top to bottom:

Asian American Voices: A Coffee House Press Sampler

Soul Mountain by Gao Xingjian (this book won the Nobel Prize for Literature)

The Cemetery of Chua Village and Other Stories (Voices from Vietnam) by Doan Le (I’m excited to find books on Vietnamese literature. They are hard to find in English as my Vietnamese skills are terrible.)

The Boat: Stories by Nam Le

Charlie Chan Is Dead 2: At Home in the World (An Anthology of Contemporary Asian American Fiction) edited by Jessica Hagedorn

Charlie Chan Is Dead: An Anthology of Contemporary Asian American Fiction  edited by Jessica Hagedorn

Growing Up Asian American: An Anthology edited by Maria Hong

I’m excited to read these books. Which one first?

Are you familiar with these books?

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