BlogHer, Here I Come! #BlogHer13

That’s the my new rug in my office. I gave it a makeover. Photos soon.

It’s funny how the universe works. In a couple of days I head to Chicago for BlogHer. It’s my first time spending time in  Chicago itself, instead of its suburbs. I’m super excited to read my piece for the Voices of the Year Keynote. (I have to practice!) Yesterday, BlogHer announced that Queen Latifah will be MC’ing the keynote. How freaking cool is that? I hope I get to meet her and talk to her. She’s so talented!

BlogHer '13

My second big news about BlogHer is that I’m speaking on a panel about the new norms for the 21st century family. If you’re coming to BlogHer, I hope you’ll come to my session on Friday afternoon. Bloggers on the panel include Casey Carey-Brown of Life With Roozle, Doug French of Laid-Off Dad, and me! One of Modern Family‘s writer will be on the panel as well. Yes, that’s Modern Family as in the hit television show. I feel like I need to cram and binge watch episodes of Modern Family. I don’t know where to start? What are the must watch episodes if I only have few days to catch up?

I haven’t packed yet-heck I’m not that organized. I’ll end up packing Wednesday night for sure. It’s the first week the kids are back from my parents. I’m sure by the time we figure out a good schedule, it will be time to return to school. Right now, I’m trying to see how to make this work-at-home-mom thing work when both kids are home. All day long.

I didn’t follow my usual advice about conferences and bought a new pair of shoes on Sunday. I’m currently wearing them in my apartment to break them in. It’s almost 2AM as I’m writing this and I’m wearing cute shoes at my desk. So, do as I say and not as I do. The bonus with these shoes is that I won’t need a pedicure.

If you’re coming to BlogHer and we walk past each other, please say hi! Don’t be offended if I can’t remember your name because I’m terrible with names. I’m not staring at your chest. I’m really just trying to read your name tag!

Will I see you in Chicago?