Upcycled Copper Earrings With Help of Energizer Work Headlights

I love getting lost in the thrift store. There’s always so many treasures to discover. The jewelry case is my favorite part of the thrift store because I love taking apart old baubles and turning them into something new. Before I had kids, I used to make a new piece of jewelry every week. Now I sneak in my crafting time at night after the kids are in bed. Alas, I am older and my eyes aren’t as good as they used to be. Luckily, I had a chance to try out a Energizer bright headlights. You know, the ones you wear on your head when you go camping? They have many more uses than just for camping!
When I spotted this copper bracelet over the weekend, I knew that the links would make a cool pair of earrings. I saw many different types of copper and brass jewelry at the art fair this weekend and felt inspired by copper. I gathered some other supplies from my stash (but you can definitely pilfer old jewelry for the same findings): earring hooks, eye pins, brass wire (not pictured), freshwater pearls, and glass beads.
The first I needed to do was to take the links apart. Don’t I look cute with my work headlight? Actually, I don’t care about looking cute when I’m crafting. Being able to see those itty bitty jewelry findings is more important, especially when I’m working with thing like thin wires and eyepins.
Upon closer examination, it was pretty easy to take each link apart. I just used my pliers to open the loop just enough to slide the link out. Be careful with old jewelry that you don’t bend things too far; they can snap off. Start slowly and add more pressure as you need it. Luckily this bracelet had plenty of links so if I broke one it wouldn’t be a big deal.

I wrapped the wire around my freshwater pearls (see a wire wrapping tutorial here). I love these irregular looking freshwater pearls as opposed to the perfectly round ones. Plus the green iridescent color is gorgeous, isn’t it?

I left a long tail on the wire so I could add a faceted glass bead right over it. I wanted to draw out the greenish blue of the pearl. Next, I created a loop at the end and attach it to the copper bracelet link. I used another eyepin and added another of the glass bead to the top of the link. I was happy with it, so it went right on the earring hooks. Voila, instant earrings!

I also discovered that the work headlights to help light my earrings for my photographs! My dining room doesn’t have great lighting. It’s very yellow, so this was a big help. Since I had so many extra bracelet links, I decided to make a matching necklace. I’m looking forward to wearing my new earrings!

I’m pretty impressed with the Energizer night headlights.The light was a big help for me when I had to connect each component together. I was able to keep both my hands free and use my head to direct the light where I needed.  I plan on buying one for each of the kids. Sophia loves to read in bed at night (she thinks I don’t know) but I’d rather get her a night headlight so she can use both hands to hold open her book.

You can learn more about Energizer on their Facebook page. You can also check out my #LightMyWay shopping trip to see the different bright headlights Energizer offers.

Do you use a special light to help you craft? I’d love to hear your lighting solutions!