Morning Pages or Evening Pages?

Currently, my mornings are my own, so I thought I would start doing morning pages again. For those not familiar with them, Julia Cameron of the famed The Artist’s Way (affiliate link) recommends all creative folks to sit and write three pages every morning. It’s more of a brain dump than anything. It helps you clear your mind for the day.

I grabbed a pretty journal from my stash, a new to me TUL ink pen (they are lovely!), and my cup of coffee. I’m not sure if I wrote my three pages. Three pages aren’t so intimidating when they’re in a small journal. So I wrote down all my random thoughts. I wish I could write as fast as my brain thinks.

My kids are visiting their grandparents for part of the summer so I have a lot of time to myself. It’s only been a few days so I don’t miss them quite so much. Yet. Ask me again in a week. I’m hoping to take this time to focus on me. To create better habits that I (hopefully) will stick with when the kids return home.

I’m also trying a totally crazy concept while they are away: I’m going to work during the daytime and sleep at night. Except I totally failed because I stayed up all night reading and finishing a book the night before last. Then I was out running errands all day yesterday.

Today I’m treating myself to a massage. Maybe I shouldn’t say treat because the massage helps tone down my stress levels. Hubby is also getting his very first massage ever. I hope he enjoys it since I practically forced him to get one!

Even with the kids gone, I’m not really a morning person. My friend Sue does what she calls evening pages. I’m debating on whether I should do my brain dump in the evenings so I can sleep better. Usually I have tough time falling asleep because my brain won’t turn off. Maybe evening pages are the way to go?

Do you write morning or evening pages? How do you stick to the habit?