Walgreens’ Steps with Balance Rewards Motivates Me to Walk More

After my experience at the Walgreens Flagship store in DC, I’m now a Walgreens convert. Their philosophy to provide customers with products that keep us “Happy & Healthy” is one that I believe in as well. We need to stay fit and healthy instead of waiting until we’re sick to take care of ourselves.  With their free programs like Steps with Balance Rewards, I’m motivated to be more active.

If you’re not familiar with Walgreens Balance Rewards, it’s more than a loyalty card. Of course scanning your card at the register will give you special sale prices. When you purchase specially marked products, you’ll rack up points. Once you reach 5,000 points, you earn $5 to spend at Walgreens, in-store or online. Not a bad deal when you’re going to buy the products you need anyway.

It’s very easy to link your fitness devices to your Balance Rewards account

Now you can also earn points just by logging your daily steps! I signed up for Steps with Balance Rewards a couple of weeks ago after I learned I can sync my FitBit tracker with it. Whenever my FitBit uploads my daily step, it sends the numbers to Walgreens. For every mile I walk each day, I earn 20 points. Now 20 points doesn’t sound a lot, but it adds up.

In the last two weeks, I’ve already earned 1,660 points! If you have a different kind of fitness tracker, you can see if it’s on the list of devices you can sync to your Balance Rewards card. You can even sync smart scale. Even if you don’t use a device like the FitBit, you can manually enter your miles walked each day. If you have the Walgreens app on your phone, you won’t have an excuse to log your miles.

Click to see a bigger photo of my activity!

It’s super easy to sign up. If you already have a Balance Rewards card, you just need to register it online and you can start tracking your steps right away. If you look at my activity record, you can tell which days I was at SoFabCon because I walked a lot. You can even tell which night I went dancing. I didn’t sync my FitBit until I returned home from my trip but all together I earned 320 points over four days. Knowing that I earn points for each mile I walk definitely keeps me motivated. If my FitBit tells me at I’m at 2.75 miles for that day, I make an extra effort to make it an even 3 miles. I’ve been know to power walk through my small apartment to hit my goal.

My local Walgreens is about a 5-10 minute walk from my apartment. How long it takes depends on if I’m by  myself or with the kids. It’s a good workout as I have to walk up a hill to get to the store. Yesterday, Jaxson and I walked to Walgreens to pick up some healthy snacks. Sometimes I’m so busy with work and my son, I forget to eat lunch. Or don’t have time to fix a lunch. So I purchased a bag of Good & Delish Almond Berry Pistachio trail mix. Yum, dried cherries. Jaxson wanted a healthy snack too; he requested “dried plums.” I’m glad he shared them with me because they tasted plump, moist, and delicious! (To see what else I purchased, check out my Google+ album of my shopping trip.)

I sit at my desk a lot for work so the extra motivation to earn points on my Balance Rewards card is perfect. Because all the walking or running I do will turn into credit I can use at Walgreens. Basically, Walgreens is paying us to stay active with their Steps with Balance Rewards program.

How do you stay motivated to become more active? Would you walk/run more if you could earn Walgreens money?

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