Take Your Daughter To Work Day Recap

Every since I heard about Take Your Daughter to Work Day many years ago (in Ms. Magazine, no less!), I knew I wanted my daughter to participate. However, life often takes you on a path you least expect. Since I now work from home, I thought it’d be pretty boring for Sophia to hang out with me at home. Instead, her dad took her to work.

My husband chronicled their day together. Clearly I need to work the same way Sophia did yesterday.

Selfies on the Metro (subway)
They had to stop for Starbucks on the way to the office.
Sophia at her desk hard at work eating her lemon pound cake.
A little research and development. Have to make sure the Ninjago books are appropriate for kids her age. Judging by how engrossed she is, I think they pass muster.
Jaxson and I met them for lunch and hit the flagship Walgreens for some froyo.

Hubby’s boss let him off early. Good thing it was slow! She did take some work home with her. Ninjago book #2!

Sophia did help her dad out around the store and his office. She was very sad to leave work.

Did you take your child to your workplace yesterday?