Kool-Aid Dyed Easter Eggs Plus More Decorating Ideas

The kids are super excite about dyeing Easter eggs again this year. Last year I only boiled a dozen eggs for the kids to dye which, at 6 eggs each, they quickly dyed. And then begged for more. The photo above are our eggs from last Easter. The ones on the left we used a white crayon to create a resist before letting them bathe in Kool-Aid.

We used Kool-Aid to dye them and since I found my Kool-Aid stash last week, that’s what we’re using again next week. It’s easy, low-mess, and smells really good. Check out the tutorial  I found from Hey Jen  Renee.

Check out my Easter egg dyeing Pinterest board for other ideas and method.

I especially like the one where you put rubber bands around the eggs to create a resist (like tie dyeing). If the kids have the patience I think it would look really cool to layer the color. Dye it in a light color like yellow. Add some rubber bands after it dries, then give it a quick dip in green.  Pretty right?

I’m not a huge hard boiled egg eater and neither or the kids. I’ll have to find creative ways to cook with and eat them. I’m never liked egg salad but at least my husband likes deviled eggs. However, a dozen eggs makes a lot of deviled eggs.

What are your favorite ways to eat hard boiled eggs?