Following My Inner GPS

Photo adapted from Stuck In Customs

I resisted using a GPS in my car for a long time. Instead, I printed out directions when I traveled to new-to-me places. Eventually I came to love the navigation app on my smartphone. I’ve now switched to a GPS device that mounts above my dashboard. I’m no longer a Luddite when it comes to driving directions!

Over the weekend, as I started my drive into northern Virginia to a friend’s home. My GPS was programmed and I was all set to enjoy my hour long drive with just me and NPR. About 5 minutes into my road trip, my GPS beeped and its feminine voice spoke.

“There is an alternate route that will save you 5 minutes. Take new route?”

Not only was I annoyed that my GPS (I really should give it a name) had beeped me out of my NPR time, I gave it a look. Really? That so I can arrive 5 minutes sooner? I ignored its request and it quietly resumed the route I programmed. Another 20 minutes it, the little box repeated the same request, except this time I would save a whopping 2 minutes!

Has this happened to you? Did you ignore it or chose faster route, according to your machine? When it first beeped, I almost told it “Sure, I want to take the faster route.” I stopped myself, hand in mid-air. I just stuck with my original path.

This stuck in my head for the rest of my drive.

How often have I been distracted from my goals because another idea or path seem easier or faster?

More than I’d care to admit. Instead of trusting my intuition, I was a like a magpie flying from one shiny project to another. Or I would say Yes to a project or job when deep down I knew I didn’t want to do it. I felt like I should do it. The project wasn’t fun for me. I procrastinated or complained about it. Why did I choose something that stressed me out?

Currently, my inner GPS is telling me I need more sleep. A little challenging with my current projects. Maybe it’s trying to tell me to let go of one of them. Listening to my inner GPS isn’t easy. I enjoy all of my current projects. Do I keep the ones that pay or the ones that truly fulfill my soul? All I know is that I’m doing too much again. Trying to be an Asian Overachiever again. Time for some soul searching.

My car’s GPS was a good reminder that I need to follow my own path. It wasn’t easy for me to learn how to listen to my intuition or my inner GPS. I’ve learned my lesson the hard way. Whenever I ignore my gut feeling about something, it’s usually true.

Are you in tune with your inner GPS?

Even better, I need some name suggestions for my car’s GPS.