Valentine’s PomPom Fascinator Tutorial

Do you remember those fuzzy little pompom balls from your grade school days? I pulled out a stash of them this week so the kids could make some pompom animals. I’ve always thought of the pompoms as something just for kids. While my kids glued on googly eyes, I begin to look at the pompoms in a different way. The light bulb went on. I could elevate them to hair clip/fascinator status.

I love wearing a flower hair clip or feathery fascinator in my hair. Why not not use the fuzzy balls and some buttons from my stash to make a different kind of fascinator? Since Sophia’s favorite color is pink, I grabbed all the pink ones that the kids had not commandeered yet. Pink is perfect for Valentine’s Day, don’t you think?

Ready to see how easy it is to make one of your own? Here’s my easy peasy tutorial for pompom fascinator hair clips.

Here’s what you need: pompoms in different sizes, hot glue gun & glue sticks for it, a hair clip, buttons, flat backed jewels, and a small piece of felt or leather. You can add any other embellishments you’d like.

Cut the felt or leather into a circular piece about 2 inches wide. This is the base of your fascinator. Using your hot glue gun, attach the largest pompoms to the base. I didn’t use a specific pattern or method. I glued them on randomly. Fill in any gaps with smaller pompoms.

Once you’ve added enough pompoms to your satisfaction, you can glue on the embelishments. I originally chose a darker pink square button, but I didn’t like how it looked so I went with a round light pink button instead. Check the placement of your button before you glue it on. Just move it around on the pompoms until it looks good. I also glued on some plastic flat backed jewels (found at the dollar store). Just make sure it doesn’t become too heavy so the clip won’t slide out of your hair.

Once you’re happy with your fascinator, just hot glue the hair clip right no it. You can use any sort of hair clip you’d like. I just happen to have some of similar to these hair clips hanging around. Use what will work best for your hair.

Voila, in less than 10 minutes you have yourself a fascinator hair clip! Sophia was quite pleased with it and modeled it for me.

Tip: these go together very quickly so you could make several at a time, assembly line style. Just make sure you gather all your supplies before you sit down with the glue gun, because they’re a little bit addicting to make.

I even made myself this turquoise and blue one. I kept it pretty simple because I wanted all the attention on the “button.” This is a link from a bracelet I discovered a the thrift store. The links and clasp were broken and I never got around to fixing it, so I pilfered a link to embellish my facinator. It’s a perfect match, don’t you think?
I hope this puts pompoms in a whole new light for you. They sure did for me. I just love instant gratification craft projects!
Have a crafty weekend!
This post contains affiliate links for some of the supplies, but you can find most of the supplies at the dollar store.

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