My Life List: Learn to Read & Write in Vietnamese

Since my post last week about my impromptu Vietnamese lessons with Jaxson, I’ve been thinking about my grasp of the Vietnamese language. Even though Vietnamese is my first (native) language, I’m much more comfortable speaking English. I speak conversational Vietnamese. Enough to talk to my family.

I almost illiterate when it comes to the Vietnamese language.

I can read short, simple notes from my mother and stumble through the Vietnamese part of bilingual books. I remember taking some Viet language classes as a young child at our Vietnamese Catholic church. Then my parents changed churches for various reasons and I only took classes for a couple of years.

Instead of telling myself that I need to learn how to read and write in Vietnamese, I’m changing my attitude. Saying need makes it feel like a chore. I want to be able to read and write in Vietnamese so I can read Harry Potter in Vietnamese to my kids (my library system has them!). I want to pass this very cool part of my heritage and culture to my children. As they grow older, books in the Viet will be more complex with lots of big words.

Over ten years ago, I purchased Basic Reading and Writing For Vietnamese Speakers for this express purpose. It even comes with a CD-ROM (remember those?).  I don’t think I’ve ever made it past the first chapter.

I’m making it official and adding this to my lief list: I will learn to read and write in Vietnamese.

To accomplish this, I plan on scheduling 20 minutes a day with this textbook. That sounds do-able, right? Maybe I should invest in a good Vietnamese-English dictionary while I’m at it.

What’s on your life list?

Link to the textbook is an affiliate link. Thanks for your support!

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