Coffee Doesn’t Count As Breakfast

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I love coffee. I coffee. In fact I talk about coffee so much Klout thinks I’m influential about coffee.

For many days in 2012, that was my breakfast. A cup of coffee. Nothing else. I only had enough time in the morning to make a cup of coffee and then it was go, go, go until lunch time. That’s when I broke my fast. Such a terrible habit. I know better. I make my kids eat breakfast every day yet I don’t do it myself.

On my list of most important daily habits for 2013: eat breakfast.

It sounds like a tall order. In fact, this morning I almost self-sabotaged because frying an egg seemed like too much work. I was behind on my work and wanted to jump right to my desk. But I didn’t (yeah Willpower!). I even asked my 3 year old and my husband if they wanted a fried egg. When they said yes, I was thing obligated to cook. Or that’s how I convinced myself.

It’s just as much effort to pull out the skillet and eggs to cook 1 egg versus 3 eggs. I even made toast for everyone.

That’s what happens when I’m not prepared. A couple of weeks ago, I made a huge batch of breakfast sandwiches and froze them. It’s super easy. I cooked some eggs and bought turkey sausage and whole grain English muffins. I put them together assembly line style and froze them. In the morning, I just heated them up while I put together the kids’ lunches and made my coffee.

So far I’ve had breakfast everyday. I can definitely feel the difference physically. I have more energy. I’m not starving at lunchtime and therefore not binging on lunch or dinner. In fact, it’s easier to resist snacking late at night. Fascinating how eating a simple morning meal can make such a huge difference.

I guess that should be my new mantra. Coffee doesn’t count as breakfast. I need a healthy protein and some whole grain carbs to go with it.

How do you make sure you eat breakfast everyday?

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