6 Ways to Sneak Creativity in Your Life

Since I pulled out my paints last week, I’ve been thinking a lot about creativity. I thought I’d share a post I wrote a while back on the other blog.

Whenever people see my crafts or sketches, I frequently hear: I’m not creative at all. I couldn’t make stuff like you do.

Oh yes, you are creative. (Own it!)

In the February 2011 issue of Oprah Magazine (one of my favorites) defines creativity as the production of something both novel and appropriate. This definition stuck with me as I read the article.

Creativity could mean thinking outside the box not just doodling or knitting. Creativity may not be a tangible item but it is more of an expression. I truly believe that everyone is creative. We need to broaden our personal definition of creative. Whatever it is, creativity is fun. It makes me happy to create. If I’m stressed out about it, then what’s the point?

Here are some fun ways I think we could add some more creativity into our lives:

  1. Turn on some music and dance! Make up your own moves or try out ones you from music videos.
  2. Color. Remember kindergarten? Experiment with your crayons. Does that zebra really have to be black and white? Print out some coloring sheets, grab crayons, markers or whatever is handy and have fun! Coloring is such a zen moment for me.
  3. Make your own instruments and make some music. Dig around in your recyclables. Yogurt tubs can become drums. Shoe boxes and rubber bands can be a guitar. Play battle of the bands
  4. Doodle. Really. Keep it simple. Draw a swirl, a box, or curly-ques. Then repeat it in different ways. Usually I’m totally overwhelmed when I doodle with a purpose. Just relax and let it flow.
  5. Create a recipe. It doesn’t even have to a real (or tasty) dish. That doesn’t stop Sophia from creating dishes. Just jot it down and if you feel inclined, you can draw out the ingredients or some of the steps.
  6. Pick a random object and take pictures of it. Try it from all sorts of angles: up close, far away, even out of focus. How about tilting your camera a little bit? Or only capture half of your subject/object? Take lots! Move around the object. Change the lighting if you can. Lay under it or stand above it. Change your view.

Change your view on creativity. Because you ARE creative.

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How do you express your creativity?