Seeking All Warrior Princesses!

We’re on a search for warrior princesses!

Last week, after donning some armor and swinging around a sword during a shopping trip, Sophia has announced she wants to be a princess warrior for Halloween. Normally I would cringe at the thought of creating yet another princess costume, but I’m super excited about this development.
Sophia has requested that we research for real life or historical warrior princesses. She wants some inspiration for her costume. The only thing she’s sure of is that she wants to carry a bow and arrow. She’s made many sketches of of costumes but I can tell she’s not quite sure what she wants.
Our deal every year is that she designs her costume and I make it for her. So I’d love your help. Do you know of any warrior princesses?
And before you tell me Mulan, she is a warrior but technically not a princess. Sophia has pointed this out several times. 
Ready, get set, go!