Local DC Area Mid-Autumn Moon Festivals 2012 Edition

Mark your calendars for this Sunday, Sept 30 for the full moon. It’s not just any ordinary full moon, but the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, or Têt Trung Thu in Vietnamese. Make sure you check out my post with resources and ways to celebrate The Mid-Autumn Moon Festival.

If you’re in the DC metro area, here are some Vietnamese Moon Festival events. Don’t worry if you’re not Vietnamese. Don’t worry if you’re not even Asian. Come out and have some fun! There will be kid friendly activities, you’ll hear people speaking Vietnamese (and English). Plus, you’ll be able to buy some fabulous Vietnamese food! Can you say banh mi?

The Mid-Autumn Children’s Festival is this Sunday, Sept 30 from 12pm-4pm. There are games (tickets are 10 for $1), entertainment, obstacle course, and photo booth. I’ve never been to this festival but we would totally go if I wasn’t away for the weekend. The festival will be Thomas Jefferson Community Center 3501 South 2nd St., Arlington, VA. Visit their Facebook event page for more info.

Eden Center Têt Trung Thu is next Saturday Oct 6 from 2pm-8pm. We attended it a few years ago and the kids had fun. We made the mistake of showing up at 2pm and the kids were exhausted before the lantern procession. So we missed it. So plan for that. There will be entertainment PLUS you can see the Miss Vietnam Eden Center Pageant from 6pm-8pm while you’re there. These young women wear beautiful ao dai (traditional Vietnamese dress). When you’re hungry, just hop into one of the many Vietnamese restaurants or cafe. It doesn’t even matter which one (or check Yelp).

You can even stop in one of the stores and buy a lantern and some moon cakes. Admission is free, but be warned, the parking lot at Eden Center fills up fast.

Do you know of other Moon Festival events in the DC area? Leave the info in the comments and I’ll add it to the post!