Language Immersion at Camp Grandparents

Starting tomorrow, we’re going to be kidless for two weeks. It’s the first time that my husband and I will be without the kids. Thanks to their tour guide aka my sister-their aunt, Sophia and Jaxson are headed to my parents for three weeks. (I’ll join them for the last week). While my husband and I have a laundry list of places to eat and things to do, I’m especially excited that my kids will get to spend time in a place with plenty of fresh air, grass, and room to run around. My parents have a huge yard and my dad built a tree house last spring. (See awesome treehouse above!)

With all the quality time they’ll have with my parents, it will be just like Vietnamese immersion camp. They’ll hear it from my parents, my sister, and our relatives. I’ve stopped beating myself up for not speaking more Vietnamese to Sophia and Jaxson. Both of them understand pretty much everything I say to them in Vietnamese but they don’t speak it without being prompted. With Camp Grandparents, it’s a win-win. My hope is by the end of their visit, they’ll have a better grasp of the language.

If this works, out I think they should go to Camp Grandparents every summer. It won’t hurt that my husband and I will get some quality time together while they’re gone.

What are your kids doing this summer?