Bilingual Buddies At School

Welcome to Kindergarten

Every few days, my Asian mommy guilt flares up when I think about how little Vietnamese the kids are speaking. Sometimes the flare ups happen soon after I get off the phone with my mother. I’m sure there’s a correlation there. Ha!

Over the weekend, Sophia mentioned that she and a classmate were quizzing each other on their knowledge of the Vietnamese language. I tried to hide my shock. Whoa! I wanted to jump and down with excitement. Sophia was speaking Vietnamese with people besides her family! I was so proud of her. It’s a major step outside her comfort zone since she’s not very confident with her ability to speak Vietnamese.

I’d like to think I had a part in this. Last month, I visited her class to teach them about the Vietnamese New Year. That’s when I learned that one of her classmates is Vietnamese. (For the record, she was the one that asked me why my skin didn’t match Sophia’s skin AND why I was fat.) Her classmate was thrilled to learn that Sophia is Vietnamese too. She even approached me during the class Valentine party. She was so proud to tell me how to say Mother in Vietnamese.

I hope the two of them continue to “test” each other. I’m totally not making a big deal out of it of course. I want it to continue.

At least I like her classmate a little more now