Using GoodReads to Track My 2012 Reading Goals

I have no idea how many books I read last year? I’ve read countless number of books for the kids. I’m talking about reading just for me. Last year I tried to keep track but fell off the wagon. I tried to go back and remember what I read the previous month, but I couldn’t.

Thanks to some of my fellow From Left to Write book club members, I finally joined GoodReads. I’ve been holding out for quite a while. I didn’t want another time suck. What drew me in was not the social element or the monthly book giveaways (there’s a lot!). It’s that I can keep track of my reading progress.

GoodReads offers a 2012 Reading Challenge. They’re going to help me keep track! Since I have no idea how many books I read last year, I set my 2012 goal at 100 books. Books I read for my kids don’t count. Good reads lets me set up a to be read list as well as a currently reading list. I like the currently reading list because I’m not a monogamous reader. I’m usually reading 2 or 3 books concurrently.



      2012 Reading Challenge


          2012 Reading Challenge


        Thien-Kim has    
             read 7 books toward her goal of 100 books.






        7 of 100 (7%)


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Right now I’m reading Quiet by Susan Cain, which is our first selection of the year for From Left to Write. After listening to Peggy Orenstein’s appearance on the Diane Rehm show and learning that her daughter is Hapa, I’m reading her book, Cinderella Ate My Daughter, on my new-to-me Nook (Thanks Jenn!). I keep wanting to throw a fiction book in the mix, but I’m also cocentrating on my 2012 Creating My Goddess Year workbook.

There’s also a free GoodReads app to help me keep track on my goals. I can update my status right from my phone after I finish a book.

What are your reading goals for 2012?

Wanna be friends on GoodReads or see what I’m reading?

Nope, GoodReads didn’t pay me to write about them. Taylor finally convinced me to join. There are affiliate links in this post.

Photo by youreyes via Creative Commons