From Drawing Stick Figures to Brown Skin

Sophia's Drawing

I’ve always encouraged Sophia to draw, paint, and create since she was young. I’m glad to see her draw independently. She’ll sit for a while and draw the latest princess fashions or Halloween costumes for the entire family. She’s also been drawing a lot at school. Her artistic growth is fascinating.

A couple of months ago, I noticed that she stopped drawing stick figures (which is my favorite way to draw people). Everyone has more realistic limbs and bodies. As much as a 6 year old can manage.

Another evolution in her art is skin color. A couple of weeks ago, she brought home this drawing and another drawing featuring herself and my sister. I immediately noticed that she use a different color to draw her skin and a different color to draw her teacher’s skin. Yes, that’s her teacher up there, the one with the blonde hair.

I asked Sophia to tell me about her drawing, but didn’t make a big deal out of it. She’s drawing what she sees. There’s no reason for me to analyze it. Except to say that she loves her teacher. As every kindergartner should, right?