Slowing Down For Some Self Care

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Self Portrait using PaperCamera

I’m so happy fall has arrived. This summer was more hectic than I imagined. With both kids at home all day and me working late into the night, I barely had anytime for myself. Now that Sophia’s been in school for a couple of months, our family has settled into our autumn routine. I finally found some time for myself–time where I wasn’t completely exhausted.

Our fall routine wasn’t easy to come by. The transition was tough for me. I was used to staying up until 1 or 2 am working every night. I’m slowly trying to get more work done during the day while Jaxson naps. It’s not always easy. Sometimes he would nap for an hour, sometimes he wouldn’t nap at all. The lack of sleep and vats of coffee was stressing me out.

Then it happened. I could feel it before I could see it. A pimple. HUGE on my chin. It was the kind that grow under the surface and it hurt like a mofoe. You know what I’m talking about. You’ve gotten one of those before.

That’s when I realize that I was out of face wash. Completely out. Sometime over the summer I had run out and never found time to buy more. What that really meant was I didn’t put myself on the top of my shopping list. I didn’t even have any blemish cream. I just turned 33, for goodness sakes! I’m not supposed to get pimples.

I had been so stressed out, I forgot about me. Has that happened to you?

So now that we’ve settled into our routine, I’m going to take care of my skin and my body. I’m giving myself permission to purchase my own set of skincare product. Hubby doesn’t get to use them. They are all for me. I already have the cleanser. Time for a moisturizer, maybe some masques. I owe myself 5 minutes a day to take care of my skin, especially my face. I can do 5 minutes, right?

While I can’t control if my face will break out or not, I can take the precautions by taking care of my skin.

So keep your fingers crossed that I won’t get any blemishes this fall.

What about you? Do you break out when you’re stressed? What’s your favorite beauty product to pamper your skin?

Self-portrait using my phone and Paper Camera Android app. That’s me all clean faced and pimple free, ready to work at my desk. I’ve probably jinxed myself with this post. Watch me sport a huge one at Blogalicious next week.

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