Do You Want to Be the Happiest Person You Know?

Are you the happiest person you know?

Do you wake up each morning with a smile?

Do you feel absolutely free to be and do what you really want? Would you like to?

Or are you too trapped in the day-to-day grind? Chasing the bigger and better everything? Trapped under a heavy weight of responsibility, or an inability to imagine life any other way—because you’ve been taught that this is what successful people do?

But in reality what you’ve become is burned out, busy and tired of chasing the someday when you’ll have enough of X to be happy, be free and feel successful. You want the day you finally feel like you’ve made it to be today!

I know I feel burned after many late nights and then early mornings when I have preschool drop off. I’m ready to make a change. Last week, when I felt under the weather, my body was telling me enough! 

So I’m joining Christine Arylo and Gabrielle Bernstein free Transformational Conversation on June 9th. It’s a tele-call so you can participate in your jammies. I know I’ll be in mine. Check out their video about the Summer of Happy:
If you can’t make it, sign up anyway because they’ll send you a recording. If I can’t get the kids in bed in time, I’ll have the recording as a backup.
Are you ready to join me and be the happier, less stressed person? Grab your spot now!
I joined Christine last year for her Inner Mean Girl Cleanse and loved it! I hope you’ll join me. Links to the program are affiliate links.