All Bugged Out and 48 Hour Book Challenge Update

I’m not big fan of bugs and other creepy crawly things. I think it stems from those giant flying cockroaches that are quite common in Louisiana. Imagine laying in bed trying to fall asleep and spotting one of those on the ceiling right above your bed. ~shudder~

However, I was determined not to pass this fear of creepy crawlies onto Sophia, my little scientist. She’s fascinated by insects, spiders and other tiny creatures. When we see a beetle on the sidewalk or a praying mantis hiding in the bushes, we’ll stop to observe and take pictures if we can.
I’ve even read books about spiders with real life photos. It’s hard not to get creeped out when there’s a picture of spider with several eyes staring at you. Especially when the photo is the size of your head. The sacrifices mothers make!
Thankfully, Sophia’s fascination with insects gives me an excuse to visit the butterfly garden for the last two summers. I can watch them fly and feed all day long.
Why am I writing about creepy crawlies? My book club, From Left to Write is reading The Sound of Wild Snail Eating, about a sick woman who is bedridden and is gifted with a snail next to her bed. When she started talking about the snail’s mucus and eye feelers, I got a little creeped out.
That’s one of the books I read for the 48 Hour Book Challenge. I didn’t read as much as I wanted to but my kitchen desperately needed some cleaning. I had no counter space to cook and no clean forks left. Desperate I tell you. Then Sunday we spent most of the day at a crawfish boil.
Here’s my 48 Hour Book Challenge report:
I clocked approximately 5 1/2 hours of book reading time. I didn’t keep track of my blog reading time, but that’s ok.
I finished Dr. Anthony Youn’s In Stitches. I also read about 30 pages of The Right Brained Business Plan and 90 pages of The Sound of Wild Snail Eating. I also started the first chapter of Lisa See’s Dreams of Joy, which is the sequel to Shanghai Girls, which I thoroughly enjoyed.
It was good to give myself permission to read. Usually I’ll just surf the internet or tweet aimlessly in the evenings when I’m not working, so the challenge reminded me I can fit in reading time in pockets here and there. I need to unplug more.

As a member of From Left to Write book club, I received a copy of The Sound of Wild Snail Eating for review. All opinions are my own. You can read other members’ posts inspired by The Sound of Wild Snail Eating on book club day, June 7 at From Left to Write.

Other books I mentioned where either sent to me for review or personally purchased. Amazon affiliate links are included in this post.

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