6 Ways to Pursue Multiple Passions And Still Stay Sane

Photo by Gare and Kitty

I’ve been to less than a handful of blogging conferences, but there’s always a session or discussion about finding your passion.Whether it’s new bloggers dipping their toes into the blogosphere or long time bloggers looking for a niche or focus, following your passion is an often quoted piece of advice.

So what if you’re like me and have a lot of passions? How the heck do you choose? Justice Fergie and I have been discussing the idea of the multiple passions. Like me, she has a lot of interests that calls to her. 
Most of the expert tips I’ve read suggest that I either choose one and see what happens or focus on several and see what sticks. Truthfully, neither of these suggestions appeal to me. It’s like someone asking me which one of my kids I love the most.
I’ve always been a well-rounded person, a Renaissance soul, so to speak. I find that I’m almost equally right-brained (analytical) and left-brained (intuitive). That explains why I loved algebra as well as crafting. Sewing and pattern making seem to be a perfect fit since pattern making requires drafting and math and designing clothing is more creative and intuitive.

Well, I’ve decided, I’m going to have multiple passions. I’m embracing my Renaissance soul.
Here’s how I’m pursuing my multiple muses and staying sane:
  1. Be realistic.  You have a limited amount of time each day/week/month to work on each of your passions. Maybe you can’t pursue all 10 at once, but perhaps 5 or 7 is more practical for you. (That’s my right-brain talking) Make a list of all your ideas and pick the ones that call to you the most.
  2. Keep an inspiration notebook. My notebook is small and very portable. I take it everywhere I go-just move it from diaper bag to purse. I have separate sections for each idea that I want to focus on. For me it’s my food and craft blog, this blog, my online book club From Left to Write, and my other freelance writing gigs. There’s also a miscellaneous section for anything that doesn’t fit the above categories.
  3. Write it down. Whenever I have an idea for a blog post or a craft, I write it down in the appropriate section in my notebook. I might not always be inspired when I sit down to write late at night after the kids are asleep. That’s when I pull out my notebook and read my notes. Writing it down gets it out of your head. When you let those ideas spin around and around in your brain, it makes you really tired. AND you can’t go to sleep at night. I’ve been there. (Crafty tutorial to create your own notebook.)
  4. Be as specific as possible.  Notice that my notebook only covers my social media interests. I have a different book for my Passion Parties goals and to-dos. These two are separate entities, separate businesses for me so using two different books keeps my brain on track. When I’m focusing on Passion Parties, I use my Passion Parties system. Vice versa for social media.
  5. Schedule time for each passion. Setting a schedule might seem like the antithesis of being passionate, but we’re trying to stay sane here. I know that every Sunday night, I have to write my Patch column. My goal is to write a blog post at least 3 times a week for each blog. On Tuesdays and Thursday nights, I’ll work on From Left to Write: answer emails, schedule posts, etc. I don’t always follow my schedule exactly, but it’s a good guideline. I allow myself the flexibility to change it if I need to. Also by creating a schedule, you let others know that you are serious about your endeavors. They will respect you more for that. Oh, don’t forget to write down your schedule.
  6. Be flexible. If one of your ideas isn’t working out for you, drop it. No need to create more stress for yourself. Just put that idea on the back burner and add the next one into rotation. We’re creative souls so we have to follow our hearts.
That’s how I try to stay sane and still pursue my multiple interests. It’s not perfect but it works for me. 
Whenever I have a new idea or someone asks me to do a new project, I look at what I’m currently doing (the notebook helps a lot!).  Will it be a good fit for the current passions I’m pursuing? Do I have the time? That one is very important because I can only survive for so long on pots of coffee. A gal needs her sleep!
Do you have a Renaissance soul? Which of your passions are yelling at you to be heard?