Sisterhood Versus Mean Girls

Take the Inner Mean Girl 40-Day CleanseThis past weekend, I attended our regional Mocha Moms conference. I bemoaned the fact that it was my third weekend away from my family within a 6 week period, but I knew I would be happy I attended.

And I was. I loved every minute.

The conference reminded me of the most important thing about our moms group: sisterhood. We may come from different backgrounds, socioeconomic status, and age, but we support and look out for each other.

It wasn’t always like this for me though.

Back in high school and college, I didn’t have very many close girlfriends. There was just too much drama and jealousy within the group of gals I hung out with. Not to mention the competition to be the first one dating, having sex, etc. Competitions I didn’t even realize were happening.

Looking back, I realize that many of those issues was due to my girlfriends’ lack of confidence. Their inner mean girl was working hard! Heck, mine was too. I wasn’t very self-confident in high school. Maybe I was a bit more confidence in college when I finally adjusted to living away from my parents’ watchful eyes. Instead of realizing we were all in the same boat we just became mean girls. As if treating our friends badly would make us feel better about ourselves.

As women, and especially mothers, we are so hard on ourselves. We set unrealistic goals and make to-do lists a mile long. Then we beat ourselves up when we don’t accomplish those goals or finish that to-do list.

My inner mean girl was poking me this weekend. I actually felt guilty that I left my family to go away to this conference. Never mind that I worked half of the time since I had a Passion Parties table in the marketplace. Never mind that the location was only 20 miles away. Never mind that I totally deserved some me time.

My rational self knew that I had no reason to feel guilty. Thank goodness I have a husband who appreciates me. Over the weekend he sent me text messages about how much I deserved this me time whenever I felt that guilt. Gotta love that man!

I’m taking a pledge to cleanse my inner mean girl. 

In the next 6 weeks, I plan on working out my demons inner mean girl so I can become a better person. So I can show my daughter that she doesn’t have to be superwoman to be happy. And that by figuring out what I want in my life journey is better than comparing myself to others’ idea of what their life journey is.

Will you join me? It’s totally free and fun. Leave a comment if you join so that we can share our journey together.

What is your Inner Mean Girl telling you?