Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra Review

I don’t remember what brand nursing bras I wore when I breastfed with Sophia. I bought whatever was available at Target then (this was before Basics by Bravado became available there). I didn’t even get to try them on–they were sold in boxes!

Those first nursing bras were utilitarian at best.Only came in boring beige or easy to dirty white. Eventually I gave up on nursing bras and just bought cute bras from Lane Bryant that I just pulled to the side for nursing.

How I wished I knew about Bravado Designs then! I can’t believe that I have only recently tried one of their bras. I used to think they were too pricey, but it’s totally worth the cost. AND now you can buy their Basics by Bravado line at Target.

I had the chance to try out the Body Silk Seamless bra. I’ve been wearing it for over 2 months now. Here’s the features from the Bravado site. Then I’ll share my thoughts on it.

Body Silk Seamless Bra Features

Removable, molded foam cups for a lining when you want it (to hide nipples or breast pads), and the ability to take it out when you don’t.
Seamless and buttery-soft fabric that is remarkably comfortable to wear, and virtually invisible under clothing.
A designs that melts onto and molds to your body, supporting your unique shape in a uniquely perfect way.
No underwire and cups that drop fully away from the breast, as recommended by health care professionals.
Easy to use and discrete nursing clips, featuring one-handed access.
Simple sizing system that makes this bra perfect for any stage of pregnancy or nursing, to comfortably fit your changing shape each step of the way.

 My first thoughts: When I first took it out of the package, I thought, there’s no way this bra will fit me. I received an XL. My band size is 42. (I’m not publishing my bra size on the internet–no way!). I was quite surprised when I put it on. The bra’s band stretched to fit, though I have it hooked on the last row of hooks.

What I Liked:

  • The other major thing I noticed: My girls were looking quite perky! I did not expect that from a wireless bra. They definitely felt supported. That in turn made me feel sexier. When you’re breastfeeding a newborn and dealing with latch, leakiness, and engorgement, feeling womanly and sexy is the last thing on your mind.
  • The bra is very comfortable. I’ve worn it during the day, as well as to sleep in.
  • I love that it’s machine washable. You have to hang it to dry but that’s no big deal. Hubby accidentally dried my bra and it had no shrinkage issues (on that note, dry at your own risk). Many nursing bras I researched are handwash only. Com’on, what new mom is going to have time to handwash and hang dry all her nursing bras?
  • Though the Body Silk Seamless is only available in neutral colors: black, beige, and white; Bravado has other bras in fun colors. Even leopard!
  • The hooks for the drop-down cups are very sturdy. They also make a very satisfying “click.” It makes me happy to hear that sound.

Needs improvement:

  • The removable molded foam cups definitely keeps others from knowing when you’re “cold” and pointy. My caveat about the cups are that they fall out in the wash. Then some little 4 year old confiscates them and turns them into hats I won’t name names.
  • The band, though very comfortable and stretchy, has a tendency to roll up after I’ve worn it for a few hours. Maybe it’s a sizing issue for me.

Overall Thoughts: I LOVE it! Like I said before, it’s super comfortable. It’s also available in large sizes which is important for me. AND you get perky boobs!

I also have to commend Bravado on excellent customer service. Melissa tweets for @BravadoDesigns. She (through private DMs) helped me figure out what my nursing bra size would be. There are also helpful measuring instructions on their site. You can also find a wealth of breastfeeding information there too.

Save 25% off at Bravado this weekend only! Use code MB-182 when you shop (US & Canada only). The coupon expires Monday, March 15 at 11:59 EST.

While you’re shopping, enter to win their sweepstakes. You can win a nursing essentials prize pack of nursing bras and tanks as well as washable breast pads and a DVD.

I’m a Bravado Mama and received a bra for review.

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