Need Mommy Daughter Date Ideas

Apparently on the way home from preschool today, Sophia cried to my husband that I’m too busy for her these days. Talk about stabbing me in the gut with a knife and twisting it. I know no one says having more than one kid was easy.

I know I’ve spent more time with her brother than her in the past three weeks. I’m sure it’s a hard transition for her. Before she had my attention almost all the time. Thankfully the first two weeks she didn’t notice quite as much since my parents and then my mother-in-law were here to keep her busy.

So what can I do with her? We don’t have much of a budget for major outing. I’d love to take her to our local paint your own pottery place. Not sure I’m willing to pay $20 for a tiara shaped bank as well as painting fees. Plus I think she’ll be upset it’s not instant gratification.

I need your help with some ideas. I live on the Maryland side of the DC Metro area.Here are the requirements:

1. Entire outing must be under $20
2. It must not take more than 3 hours, including travel time (I am breastfeeding, after all)
3. Must be fun for a 4 year old
Bonus points for something interactive, crafty, and something that I’ll enjoy too.

Don’t have a prize if you win, but I can send you a virtual cookie.


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