5 Things I Love About My Family #AsianMomBloggers

Family Snow Selfie

We have a lot of forced family time recently. A blizzard, below freezing temps, and snow days have gifted us with time together in close quarters. Even my husband had a couple of snow days from work.

I’ll be honest, I enjoyed our time together. Of course there were moments of bickering. We had lots of fun family moments. Enough were I paused what I was doing to think, “I love my family. They make me happy.”

It’s important to document the happy times along with my more challenging moments. When life feels tough, I can come back and look at my list.

5 Things I Love About My Family

  1. Our lazy Sunday snugglefest. The kids let us sleep in until 9AM! They wake us by sliding under the covers with us. We snuggle, giggle, and have tickle fights. Mostly giggling and tickling.
  2. Sibling love. Watching my kid play together makes me so happy. They play Minecraft together, but they also build with Lego together. I’m glad they’ll always have each other.
  3. Making banana pancakes together. On Sunday mornings, Jaxson helps me make banana pancakes. He mashes our formerly forgotten bananas, cracks the eggs, and basically makes the batter himself. After the first tester pancake is cooked, he cuts it up for everyone in the family to taste.
  4. Family dinners. We’re not able to all sit down together every night. It’s mostly weekends. We go around the table and share our favorite thing about our day.
  5. Pranks we play on each other. The kids absolutely love pranking their dad. We have a Furby toy that they hide for him to find. He pretends to hate/be scared of the toy, then hides Furby in a place for them to find. This ongoing prank is so much fun. Of course, they know better than to prank Mom.

What are things you love about your family?

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