I’m Meeting Randall Park of Fresh Off the Boat!

Selfie with Randall Park

See that guy up there? This time next week, I and several other Asian American parent bloggers will be interviewing Randall Park (who plays father Louis Huang), series created/writer/executive producer Nahnatchka Khan, and executive producer Melvin Mar.  ABC Disney is flying us out to L.A. so we can pick their brains. As you know our family is loving the show.

In anticipation, I’ve been doing some research. By research, I mean binge reading this:

Fresh Off the Boat Book

I wanted to know more about the real Eddie Huang’s life so I got a copy of his memoir Fresh Off the Boat (affiliate link), which the show is based on. I didn’t want to wait for a copy to ship so I originally attempted to borrow it from the library. No, go. The waiting list had over 50 people on it! I’m glad to see that the book is so popular.

While I can’t relate to Eddie’s love of hip hop or all the fights he got into, I can relate to his feeling of otherness. The memoir is an intense read because he writes the way he speaks, which includes a lot of street slang and references to rap albums (of which I’m not familiar). However, his desire to find ways to connect with others and figure out his path will resonate with everyone. Plus the guy is wicked smart and very well read.

(How’s that for a super short review?)

First of all, I want to thank ABC Disney for listening to what we had to say about Fresh Off the Boat and its recent blogger junket. Second, I want to thank all my friends and readers who spoke up and supported us.

Now, who’s got questions for Randall Park, Nahnatchka Khan and Melvin Mar? Let them in the comments and I’ll do my best to ask them.

Next week, you can follow along our convo with the hashtag #FreshOfftheBoat. And maybe I’ll get a selfie with the real Randall Park.


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