Work at home mom tips-I'm Not the Nanny

8 Ways WAHMs Can Power Their Daily Marathon

Tips to help work at home moms power through their day.

Reasons My Kid Is Crying Book Club Discussion

6 Reasons Why Mommy Is Crying

My kids cry over silly things, but sometimes I want to ugly cry too.


How I Proposed to My Husband

  After dating my husband for three years, I proposed to him. No, I didn’t propose just because I am a feminist. The reason I was the one to ask him to marry me and not the other way around was–well, it was his fault. I still joke about how I threw my husband’s phone number in […]

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Food & Cooking

Cooking Light Global Kitchen Cookbook Review-I'm Not the Nanny

Korean Tacos from Cooking Light Global Kitchen Cookbook

I love eating good food but recently, when it comes to cooking meals, I have been uninspired. I’ve been tired (thanks winter!) and I never seem to catch up on the dirty dishes piling in my sink. I think they grow on their own. That lead to cooking my go-to meals over and over again. […]

Hmart Nongshim Kikiriki Drumstix

Asian Snacks: Kikiriki Drumstix Taste Test

We put the Korean Kikiriki Drumstix to a taste test. Results inside.

Fire the Mommy Guilt Guavarita-I'm Not the Nanny

Fire the Mommy Guilt Guavaritas

No one tells you that when you first hold your baby in your arms, you’re also handed a healthy serving of mommy guilt. The guilt grows exponentially with the addition of each child.  Good thing we stopped at two kids. At the end of a long week, I’m ready to put my feet up with […]